Are you ready for the creative economy?

The goal of our training and workshops, using beginner friendly art exercises, is to help each individual begin the process of digging deeper into themselves in order to develop their innate creative intelligence, and with gentle guidance, and continued practice, inspire and strengthen their creative confidence. Creative thinking isn’t just about art, but ironically, art-making helps to develop and strengthen the creative neuropathways in your brain. This business of making things and “thinking with your hands,” is like exercise for your brain, which strengthens creative thinking in any situation.


[kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree-uh-]

1. Something that generates a new idea, insight or solution through imagination rather than through logic or reason.

Do you believe that you’re creative?

You Are An Untapped Resource

It’s likely you felt that way as a child, and somewhere between then and now many of you have lost that belief. As visual artists who’ve discovered our personal creative abilities late in life, we firmly believe that everyone is born creative, and somewhere along the way, we lose that belief about ourselves. Why? Our culture and education system has always emphasized developing left brain qualities like linearity, logic, reason, analysis, etc. The strengths of the right brain, creativity, intuition, music, emotion, etc., have been discounted and considered a frivolous extra, and are the first to be cut in education systems. As a result, most of you are sitting on a huge untapped resource, the treasures of your right brain, which holds immense creative capabilities. We’ve come to understand that in the right setting, and with certain simple visual arts exercises, anyone can tap into some of the creative abilities that lie dormant within.

Leaders agree: Creativity will be the third most important work skill by 2020 The Future of Jobs.

– World Economic Forum, 2018

Line drawing of a brain

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