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We help you build creative confidence.
A photo of Carmela Wade and Sandra Brown

Carmela Wade
B.A, B.F.A.

I’m a group facilitator/educator and mixed media artist. I come from a passionate Italian family and this inspires me to create connections with others. My journey has led me through a Recreation Leadership Diploma, to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. These served me with the opportunity to work with a variety of groups and settings. When I became a mother, my creative powers were born to me! With this new awakening, I returned to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. I met Sandra in Art School and we quickly discovered our similarities and passion for our new found creative paths as women and mothers. Over the years, the synergy and collaborations have spawned creative alchemy with many ideas scribbled on restaurant napkins! Creativity is actually an everyday activity and that discovery fuels my passion to help everyone discover this incredible power we all possess.

Sandra Brown
B.A., B.F.A.

I’m a mixed media artist, writer, and arts facilitator/mentor. Prior to my art life, I had dozens of “real jobs” in various realms; hospitality, restaurants, government, railway, a university library and office work. Once I realized I was a creative being who derived much joy from making things, I attended art school part-time while raising my two kids. I met Carmela in art school where we became enamored with the idea of social artistry, and how art can be a powerful transformative tool for people and the world. Part of my artistry is inspiring others, and harnessing creativity as a force for personal transformation in myself and others. Since 2005, Carmela and I have developed public art projects, classes, and workshops designed to inspire creativity in others.