Creative Development

Conditions for Creative Development
Conditions for Creative Development

Time has to be set aside from other things to allow yourself to experiment and play with materials and ideas.

Non-Judgmental Environment

Most adults have a deep-seated fear and shame of making a mistake. Since creativity is a process of trial and error, it is imperative to have a safe, non-judgemental environment, where we allow each other the freedom to experiment.

Art Materials

Art based exercises with quality materials, allow you to explore and play, just like we did in childhood. Creative play and experimentation are critical to generating original thought.

Simple Guided Instruction

We often confuse creativity with skills in the arts. Creative thinking and ideas exist independently of skill. We’ve found that simple, beginner friendly exercises, help you enter the process of expressing and developing your creative thinking. As with most endeavors, the more you practice, the more your creativity and skills develop.

Make Something

Making something with your hands (or thinking with your hands) opens up new neuro-pathways in your brain. This will lead you down the mysterious road of your own personal visual language. Whenever you’re making something from nothing, you’re tinkering in the realm of where original ideas are born.

Discuss and Share

It’s important to reflect on what you make. When you share with others, you get more insight and ideas into what you’ve made. Often others see something you may not see. This sharing of ideas helps to deepen your understanding of your own personal visual language, and can frequently lead you in directions you never considered. Collaboration is highly important to creative development.

Keep Repeating

To get better at anything, sports, music, learning a language, you have to practice, practice, practice. It’s the same with creative expression, the more you do it, the more it becomes a language that you’re familiar with and the more it influences other arenas in your life.