What can I expect from the Workshops?

All our workshops are unique and we come with all the supplies and instructions. We work within your parameters to create an event that will provide a relaxed art-making experience. Participants usually feel refreshed and optimistic as they embrace their new creative confidence. The Workshops are always a welcome change from daily habitual patterns of life!

Workplace Learning

Are you ready for the creative economy? Innovation and creativity are quickly becoming a measurable competency in the corporate world, and essential to business competitiveness.

If you’re looking for unique experiences for your company, our workshops foster:

• Creative Confidence • Team Building • Collaboration • Innovation • Problem Solving • De-Stressing • Relaxed, Open Environment

Our world is changing quickly and dramatically. According to business and marketing experts like best selling author, Seth Godin, the future will be all about creativity and design. According to Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, we are now entering the Conceptual Age, where creative skills will become increasingly more important. Innovation and creativity are quickly becoming a measurable competency skill in the corporate world, and essential to business competitiveness. Tapping into your creative resources can add value to all areas of life including corporate life, where there is more and more pressure to come up with original ideas.

Professional Development

We customize the creative experience based on the needs of your organization.


We can provide instruction for full day Art Days and focus on curricular components, or we can provide unique art experiences using a medium that is not as easily explored like Printmaking, Assemblage, Textiles, just to name a few options.

Community or Private Events

Are you searching for something fun and different to infuse into your gathering? We are portable and we bring our supplies and expertise to you. You tell us how long and where to meet and we create the fun. We have worked with women’s organizations, hockey teams, and conferences. How about: Book Clubs, Birthday Parties, Wind-ups, Celebrations?

Create-It Nights

The focus of these events is on the “make and take” concept, where everyone creates their own unique painting. Our method guides everyone to create their own painting which is completely different from anyone else’s. A minimum of 2 hours is required for these events.

Creativity Salons

The Salon evenings began as a way for people to relax in a home environment while creating and connecting. It is an evening of art-making, discussion, wine, and snacks. These events are 3.5 hours in length. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, relax, create, discuss and eat! Contact us if you’d like to host an evening like this in your home.

Fun-Raiser Events

Is your organization or group looking for a unique way to fundraise? We can provide an art-making element to your event. Have an idea? Contact us for possibilities.

Retreats/Out of Town Workshops

Our retreats are a perfect blend of a get-away, while fully immersing yourself in your art-making. Throw in meaningful discussions, great food, and a beautiful, serene setting, and you have the perfect formula for a peaceful, connected experience.

Workshops can include:

Collage, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Creative Writing to stretch your right brain and access your creative voice.

Workshops can include Painting, Mixed Media, Writing

Get inspired

See some of the artwork created by our past participants